Adrian Bye

Hi. I’m Adrian Bye and I interview the thought leaders of MeetInnovators. My goal is to make high-value connections that will help your business grow. MeetInnovators gives you business insight, networking opportunities, and direct access to the absolute best minds and most influential CEOs on the Internet. And, I make the introductions that result in big deals.

About Me

I’ve been fortunate to have been doing deals for quite some time now. I’ve been developing partnerships since 1995. It started when I negotiated partnerships between AIESEC, the world’s largest student run exchange organization, and organizations such as Adobe, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and Symantec. I grew up in Tasmania, Australia and have lived all over the world. I now live in Wudang Mountain, Central China.

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Why run this site?

A few years ago I was reading a book written by a Japanese soldier who fought WWII for 30 years after it finished. He didn’t believe that WWII was over; he stayed on a desert island in the pacific. What struck me from the book was that he did some incredibly intelligent things during their time on the island – he got the small picture incredibly right. (the book is here)


I had a profound realisation after reading the book. I realised I wasn’t doing a good job at getting the big picture right either. So I decided I would find a way to learn about it from the smartest people I could find. And I decided to share it with everyone – the result is MeetInnovators. I started doing interviews in 2006 and this is one of the first sites of its kind on the internet.

Most business information on the Internet is by journalists and bloggers. While they provide useful insight, they do not experience the day-to-day understanding that comes by being in the trenches. And, since I’m Australian, I’m pretty direct. So I’ll ask the hard questions we as entrepreneurs want answered. Do I take capital? Do I take my company public? Should I consider a reverse merger? What is really working for driving traffic? How can visitor value be increased while maintaining retention?

These interviews will also give you an inside and informal look at companies, CEOs, business practices, and business models.

How To Be Interviewed

My interviews are  interesting because they’re something I’m researching and working on at the time.  This gives me a deeper level of knowledge than typical interviews.  For this reason I don’t take inbound interview requests.   If you ask, the answer, unfortunately, will be no.

My Ethics Statement

Nobody can pay to be interviewed. Period. I’m here to learn, so I interview people I am ready to learn from.  This is what keeps the interviews interesting — this site isn’t a job, its a passion.